Technology-Based Solutions for Stormwater Management.

Supporting clean Canadian waterways since 2011.

CIP specializes in providing industry-leading stormwater management products for municipal and urban development. Utilizing the technology-driven Hydroworks products, we are helping to change the quality of stormwater in Canada and create a better future.

storm water runoff system

Our Products



The HydroDome is a stand-alone oil grit separator and is efficient as a pre-treatment for new developments or existing infrastructure.


The HydroStorm is a hydro dynamic separator that efficiently removes oil, TSS and trash from stormwater runoff and storm drains.


The HydroFilter is an excellent stormwater filter and infiltration system preventing groundwater contamination.


Hydroguard is the most economical hydrodynamic separator on the market, uniquely treating higher and lower flows differently.

CB Shield

The CB shield inserts into any new or existing catch basin manhole to increase the capture of suspended solids.

SWM Shield

Our SWM Shield functions as a sediment forebay. Keeping more than 50% of sediment from entering the pond.

Built by Engineers for Engineers

With access to two major pre-casters, CIP is local to Ontario with a fast turnaround for your product. The sizing program can be downloaded from our site, or CIP can manage your design requests.

We are NJDEP, NJCAT, NTV Canada certified, and ETV verified.

Quality Customer Service

We offer a fast turnaround on your enquiries and designs. CIP understands that big and small projects rely on designs and plan approvals, and we aim to work this through quickly with local municipalities and town regulations.

Competitively Priced

Using local suppliers and precasters, we work to keep our products competitively priced and accessible while retaining the absolute quality for your wastewater treatment.


Made in Canada for the unique Canadian landscape; we can design and supply stormwater management products right across Ontario. As civil engineers, we work with you to help design projects for municipal work, private development, public and private road construction and all necessary infrastructure.


Meet HydroDome

The HydroDome is a stand-alone oil grit separator and is efficient as a pre-treatment for new developments or existing infrastructure in settling out sedimentation and maintaining bio-retention. One of the latest products from Hydroworks, the HydroDome is NJDEP certified, NJCAT verified, and ETV Canada verified. The HydroDome is the perfect sedimentation product where solids settle at the bottom and are captured in the sump, also allowing water to be separated from oil and floatable solids through the flow control. The unique design of the HydroDome gives added benefits that allow greater water quality and quantity while also giving control to the overall flow.

  • Low flow siphon creates additional storage in the structure
  • Siphon raises oil & floatables away from the discharge point,
    preventing re-entrainment during peak flows
  • High flow weir prevents surcharging to ground (high weir
    optional if parking lot storage design)
  • Can accommodate multiple inlet pipes
  • Captures oil spills, TSS and trash
  • Separator performance in a hooded inlet
  • Can be used as an inlet, bend, or junction structure