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Canadian Infrastructure Products (CIP) specializes in providing industry leading stormwater management products for urban development.

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Canadian Infrastructure Products (CIP)

The owner of Canadian Infrastructure Products (CIP) has spent his entire career in the infrastructure industry since graduating university in 1987. Specializing in stormwater management products in 1995, valuable experience has been gained in both the Canadian and U.S. marketplace.
CIPs partner companies (Con Cast Pipe, Decast Ltd. and Hydroworks) also have extensive experience in design, manufacture and implementation of stormwater management systems. Please don't hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.


  • Hydroworks HydroStorm

    The latest innovation in stormwater quality, this Hydrodynamic Separator will achieve your targets and save you money!
    ETV Verified!

  • Hydroworks Hydroguard

    This Hydrodynamic Separator provides great spills control and is the most cost effect separator on the market!

  • Hydroworks HydroFilter

    HydroFilter provides stormwater quality for new development, retrofit, and development applications.

  • CB Shield

    CB Shield is an innovative way to improve water quality with existing infrastructure.  ETV verified!

  • SWM Shield

    The SWM shield can reduce the size of a pond forebay making it easier and less expensive to inspect and maintain.