Hydroguard (HG) treats higher and lower flows differently by eliminating pollutants from stormwater runoff and treating them in separate treatment areas.

The Hydroguard hydrodynamic separator is efficient at removing TSS (suspended solids and their associated metals, nutrients, bacteria), oil and grit. It is also a smaller design holding the same capacity as larger units but at a comparatively lower cost.

Hydroguard Features:

  • Completed third-party testing to 2011 NJDEP protocol.
  • Small footprint minimizing conflicts with other utilities
  • Lower cost compared to similar structural BMPs
  • Removes stormwater runoff, including trash, oil spills and suspended solids
  • ​Easily maintained once per year for typical applications
  • Minimal elevation difference between inlet and outlet pipe
  • Sized based on local hydrology and continuous simulation
  • Technical support to assist with design and approvals
  • Treats both low and high flows
  • Separate low flow path minimizes scour at high flows
  • Supports Smart Growth principles since the HG is installed underground maximizing the development density in an urban area

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