CB Shield / SWM Shield

The CB Shield, and SWM Shield products add a great layer to stormwater management by protecting catch basins and the stormwater pond from pollutants with an innovative shield design.

CB Shield

The CB Shield is a new and innovative way to increase water quality right at the source. The CB shield inserts into any new or existing catch basin manhole to increase the capture of suspended solids. It shields the sediment and grit found in the sump of the catchbasin from being washed out. The top slope of the shield deflects the flow of water to the back wall of the catchbasin, while the grates allow water to flow over the top and exit the outlet pipe. Sediment falls between the slots.

For more information, please visit our www.cbshield.com site.

SWM Shield

Our Storm Water Management (SWM) product functions as a sediment forebay. Keeping more than 50% of sediment from entering the pond. SWM Shields are placed in the forebay of a stormwater pond. Water must run across a series of grates before reaching a pond, using the same properties as our patented CB Shield.

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