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The team at CIP offers professional stormwater consulting and design services for your water management needs. Get advice from civil engineers who can help with stormwater project design and then provide the products and specifications uniquely needed to supply the end result.

CIP offers a full design and service model that removes project management headaches. We can work with the different town and municipality regulations, environmental processes and requirements on your behalf and help your project move along quickly.

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Hydroworks products are some of the best stormwater management tools in the market and can be uniquely designed to fit your project through different sizing specifications or custom design. 

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We would love to meet with you. Whether you’re an engineer, project developer or a part of municipality planning, learn how you can design Hydroworks products into your whole project. We can come to you for a ‘Lunch and Learn’ presentation and show you exactly how our products could fit into your project.

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When working on large projects, it helps to have knowledgeable civil engineers in your corner working to deliver your project on time.

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