About CIP

Canadian Infrastructure Products (CIP)

CIP started in 2011 and has become a leader in the water resources management industry in Ontario. We work hard to design and initiate low impact development for new developments and existing infrastructure, keeping natural conservation undisturbed.

CIPs partner companies (Con Cast Pipe, Decast Ltd. and Hydroworks) also have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and implementing stormwater management systems.

Our Team

Mark Smith – Owner and Founder

Mark, Owner of Canadian Infrastructure Products (CIP) has spent his entire career in the infrastructure industry since graduating from university in 1987. His experience across many different fields and locations has brought valuable experience in both the Canadian and U.S. stormwater management markets. Mark’s experience has made CIP a market leader since 2011.

Laura Wigston P. Eng – Sales Manager

Laura graduated in 2009 from Mechanical Engineering from UWO (Western University), and worked as a Project Engineer in pressure pipe for a few years. She moved into stormwater quality in 2010 and has worked in a variety of different roles throughout the Ontario stormwater market, including production, design, and sales.

Randy Rutyna P. Eng – Engineering Manager

Randy graduated with a BSc in Honours Applied Physics in 1987 from the University of Waterloo and went on to work as a Reliability Physicist at Bell Northern Research. He furthered his education with a P.Eng in Engineering Physics in 2000 and continued to work at Honeywell as an Aerospace Engineer. After retiring from Honeywell in 2017, he continued his career by working with CIP from 2019.