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HydroStorm is the latest and most innovative hydrodynamic separator on the market. The HydroStorm has undergone 3rd party laboratory testing and is ETV Verified, and NJDEP Certified. HydroStorm efficiently removes oil, trash, and TSS (suspended solids and their associated metals, nutrients, bacteria), and trash from stormwater runoff.



  • High flow bypass prevents scour at high flows
  • Designed to accommodate mul+ple inlet pipes
  • Captures oil spills, TSS and trash
  • Lower Cost compared to other compe+tors
  • Reduced sump depths to minimize excava+on
  • Small footprint to avoid conflicts with other services
  • Engineered for traffic loading
  • Can be used as a inlet or a bend structure
  • Sized based on independent TSS removal results
  • Low Headloss (K= 1.04) to minimize impact to drainage system
  • Minimum elevation drop from inlet to outlet
HydroStorm Reveal

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