Most Efficient And Cost-Effective Hydrodynamic Separator

The HydroDome is a state-of-the-art hydrodynamic separator and can be used for both water quality and quantity control for new developments or existing infrastructure. It is the most efficient and cost-effective separator on the market. The HydroDome is the only separator that achieved over 80% TSS removal in independent lab testing using ETV protocol.

ETV Verified

As one of the latest products from Hydroworks, the HydroDome is NJDEP Certified, NJCAT Verified, and ETV Verified by ISO 14034, the highest independent verifications for hydrodynamic separators.

80% TSS Removal

The HydroDome is the only separator to have achieved greater than 80% TSS removal, proven by ETV protocol independent testing. It is the most efficient and cost-effective separator on the market.

Quality And Quantity Control

The unique design of the HydroDome gives added benefits that allow greater water quality and quantity while also giving control to the overall flow. It is the perfect water quality product where solids settle at the bottom and are captured in the sump, the submerged outlet ensures all floatables and hydrocarbons captured cant escape.

The HydroDome is unique in that it acts as a quality and quantity control in one. CIP can also design it to be an orifice control as well.

HydroDome Features:

  • Low flow siphon creates additional storage in the structure
  • Siphon raises oil & floatables away from the outlet,
    preventing re-entrainment during peak flows
  • High flow weir prevents surcharging to ground (high weir
    optional if parking lot storage design)
  • Can accommodate multiple inlet pipes
  • Captures oil spills, TSS and trash
  • Separator performance in a hooded inlet
  • Can be used as an inlet, bend, or junction structure
  • Most efficient and cost-effective separator on the market

More about Independent Testing

The HydroDome has undergone independent performance testing by Alden Research Laboratory, confirming that quality assurance requirements were addressed, reviewed and verified for the HydroDome HD3 Oil Grit Separator. The tests were performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14034:2016 and the VerifiGlobal Performance Verification Protocol. The HydroStorm is also NJDEP certified, NJCAT verified and ETV verified.

In Summary: The HydroDome

The HydroDome is the next level in oil grit separators. Using a unique siphon to settle out sediment and provide better overall removal rates, the HydroDome will always be smaller that its competitors, resulting in a cheaper structure to purchase, install, and maintain.

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