Now ETV Verified!

The HydroFilter is an excellent stormwater filter and infiltration system treating stormwater runoff. It is efficient in TSS removal, oil and trash particles from stormwater runoff.

A HydroFilter installation ensures that stormwater quality for new developments, retrofits, and development applications is well managed.

The HydroFilter can also be used as a part of the treatment train or as a stand-alone device.

HydroFilter Features:

  • Designed to be used for dispersing infiltration, which is LID friendly (can be designed to infiltrate directly from the unit.)
  • Pre-Treats Infiltration to ensure the longevity of the infiltration capacity of the soil and prevention of groundwater contamination
  • Provides an overflow bypass to the storm drain for high flows
  • Can accommodate multiple inlet pipes
  • Vertical Modular Design makes maintenance easier and faster
  • Can be made in a round or rectangular structure
  • Accommodates shallow installation requirements
    Approved and certified for Online use. Can be designed for Online or Offline use.

Independent Testing

The HydroFilter is Independently lab tested with 3rd party testing. The HydroFilter met and exceeded the gold standard of testing protocol and certification for TSS removal through Alden Research Laboratory. They provided independent testing that met NJCAT (New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology) Verification and NJDEP certification.

The Hydrofilter Is Very Versatile

Design Options

HydroFilter can be designed for many different layouts and project needs. It can be used as an inlet or junction structure, designed for multiple inlets, online/offline use, or with or without filtration. The HydroFilter can be specifically designed for your project.

Infiltration Design

With or without filtration.

Online / Offline Use

Can be designed for online or offline use.

Catch Basin Structure

Inlet or junction structure with multiple inlets.

Weir Design

To help control the flow of water.

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